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My name is Jill Autumn and I'm the creative eye and artistic soul behind the lens of The 7 oh 2.

I specialize in intimate lifestyle photography, which means something different to each artist that claims the specialty. I describe it as a voyeuristic capturing of intimate moments in an artistic way that does not come across as posed or having been captured in a studio. These are images that could not be captured and produced to a professional quality by the person(s) being photographed and so having a specialist in the industry with an open mind and sensual spirit is the way you want to go.


People always ask me how I got into this genre of photography. The truth? It was an accident.

I discovered years ago through my love of art and photography that I had a gift for making women look and feel amazingly sexy when I shot my first boudoir session for a close friend. She was wanting to give her husband something special for their anniversary but when she asked him what he wanted, his response was similar to answers most women have gotten.

"All I want is you. You in a bow would be great!"

After laughing at his answer and sharing her frustration with me in trying to find something to buy him, I suggested the idea of gifting him some sexy photos of herself and even offered to take them for her. But what I didn't know was that she had been secretly suffering from depression, a lack of self-confidence, and couldn't bring herself to see the beautiful woman everyone else saw.

It took some time to talk her into a session, a style I had never shot before, but she reluctantly agreed to give it a shot with the idea that if she didn't like them that he'd never have to see them. The days we spent putting together lingerie and trying different things out were a blast and while I knew her hubby would ultimately love anything she gave to him, I never imagined her reaction to the entire experience to be what it was. She not only fell in love with her photos but through the process fell in love with herself.

Her newfound confidence and self-esteem leaked into all aspects of her life. She became closer to her hubby than ever before and she gained the confidence to network and meet new people which ultimately helped with her career. If you ask her now she'd tell you that her session with me was a defining moment in her life but if you ask me, it was a defining moment in mine. Shooting her session taught me the value of confidence and that with confidence and self-worth comes strength. It showed me that intimate lifestyle photography is a vulnerable experience that is just as much for the woman as it is for the recipient of the images.


This has been my passion ever since.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.31.58 PM.png

I started my journey into the world of intimate portraiture by getting an education in photography, learning from artists I admire, attending workshops, and experimenting with equipment. Most importantly, I spent years finding my own artistic voice and developing my own style.

I think that the sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence and that you can say more with your eyes than you can with your words. I believe that the single most important decision in scheduling an intimate portrait session isn’t what to wear or what to do with your pictures, but finding the right photographer.

I'm a mom of three who spontaneously decided to move my family and business to Las Vegas while passing through the city on a road trip over 15 years ago. Thankfully, my spontaneous nature is supported by my family because it's a decision that has given me the opportunity to fulfill my passion for intimate lifestyle photography on a full-time basis and has allowed me to meet and create a wonderful client base of women and couples from all over the world.

I live in Sin City but never gamble, will usually vote sushi for dinner, and can always find a reason to celebrate with cocktails. I travel quite often throughout the year, for both business and pleasure, and have spent the last few years knocking off some of the things on my bucket list.

So let's be real...

You found me online because you're thinking of having some rather intimate images of yourself captured and you're trying to find the perfect photographer for you. Am I right?  Lots of women and couples, regardless of who they are or what they do for a living, have thought about having intimate pictures captured. Who you are and what you do for a living shouldn't prevent you from having such an exciting experience.

I have had the pleasure of photographing women and couples from a variety of backgrounds. From big names in Hollywood to government officials and stay-at-home parents, more than half of my clients are in need of complete privacy. Without it, they could never consider a session. Because of this, I've designed a package that includes complete privacy and the copyright to the session images to legally bind me to the privacy I claim to provide. This is why I have the reputation that I do and have clients that return to me year after year.

It's important that images as intimate as what you're hoping to have captured be done so by someone you can trust. I am not the photographer for everyone, just like every client is not for me. We should be a good match and so I encourage you to shop around and read about the person you'll be trusting these intimate moments with.

What you need is...


  •  someone who is licensed, experienced and passionate about the art of intimate photography.

  •  someone who specializes in the genre of intimate (boudoir/erotic) photography.

  •  someone discreet who understands your session needs.

  •  someone open-minded who has shot thousands of clients from a variety of backgrounds.

  •  someone who believes that intimate photography is for EVERYBODY.

  •  someone who believes things like size and age are just numbers and have no bearing on beauty or sexuality.

  •  someone who embraces all lifestyles.

  •  ME!


So let's just get to the details.



- I've designed session packages for each session style of session that I offer which collectively cover my most requested services.

- All of my session details and pricing are posted online for complete transparency. There are no additional or hidden fees.

- I've designed a Frequently Asked Questions page to cover exactly that so be sure to check it out.

- If you have a question not covered on my website, please shoot me an email or text for the answer.


Ready to get started?


- Check out my session styles and choose the style that's best for you.

- Read over my session details and pricing to choose the package that's best for you.

- If you have a question before booking, visit my Frequently Asked Questions page.

- Submit your session interest directly from the session page.

- I'll get back to you regarding your request as soon as I'm able.




It really is that simple!



I require a $300 deposit to schedule any of my session packages and payments can be made on your remaining balance.



What are you waiting for? There's no excuse left.



Let's do this!

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