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Intimate media photography...    OnlyFans, Twitter, Private Snap and more. The possibilities are endless!


Las Vegas Intimate Media Photography

My intimate media sessions are designed for women and couples needing sets of suggestive and/or sexually explicit imagery to publish and share online for profit. What you do with these images is entirely up to you as you will own the copyright to your session's resulting images, regardless of the media session package you choose to schedule.

Intimate media sessions are self-directed since you'll know exactly what it is you're wanting and need from your final session images for your personal online profiles.


Images produced from these sessions are typically used for OnlyFans, Twitter, Private Snap and more.


Intimate media sessions are scheduled to be captured in your hotel room. You'll receive a welcome email from me shortly after booking with more information on what to expect and how to prepare for your session day.


Read through the session package descriptions below to decide on the one that is right for you.

You can submit your session request through the link at the bottom of the page.

Media Session Package One

perfect choice if you are not interested in receiving edited images


Enjoy a private, one-hour session in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room.

At the end of your session, I'll hand you the memory card from the camera with all of the candid images captured during your session. 

Please keep in mind when choosing to book this session package that because you are receiving the memory card from the camera at the close of the session, I am unable to retouch (edit) any of your session's images. However, you receive your images instantly.

This session generally produces 600-1000 candid images.



Media Session Package Two

perfect choice if you want basic formatting of a select number of images, all of the unedited image files and the option of having video clips captured as well


Enjoy a private, 2-hour session in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room.


Video clips can be captured if requested. They will be unedited and provided in clip form.


40 of your session's best images will have basic light and color adjustments with formatting to jpeg for easy publishing and will be provided in a password-protected, downloadable viewing gallery.

The option of being provided with all of the unedited images captured during your session.

The transfer of copyright for your session images to give you the legal ability to publish work captured by a professional photographer and to ensure the most privacy so that your images will be wiped from my system and never used in any way.





A $300 deposit is required at the time of booking and serves as a non-refundable retainer for services to secure your requested session date/time in my calendar.


Your session package's remaining balance will be due 48 hours before your session day, although you can make your payment in full at any time leading up to your due date directly through your invoice.

Once you've secured your session in my calendar, you'll receive a welcome email with more information to help you prepare for your session day. You'll also get access to my online session prep guide, which will walk you through what to expect from your session. 

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