Complimentary Travel Agent Services

Having a husband who is a travel agent has its perks and I love that I have the ability to offer trustworthy travel assistance to both my current and potential clients.


My husband owns a travel agency that handles all aspects of the industry, from providing personal services for everyday travelers to hosting full fan cruises for celebrities. His experience ensures that you'll get the most out of your vacation.


If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas for your session and would like assistance planning your trip, he'd be happy to help. It's a complimentary service offered to all my current and potential clients to make planning your trip and photo session as stress-free as possible.

To Book a Session with Travel Assistance

You'll want to submit a session interest online to ensure my availability for your photo session before booking travel. I do tend to book in advance and it would be unfortunate if you planned and booked an entire Vegas vacation only to learn that my session calendar during that time was full.

• Visit my Session Options Page, can also be found through a link in my main menu.

• Read through my session style descriptions to decide which style is the experience you're looking for

• Click through your preferred style to read through session package details/pricing to choose the one that's best for you

• Fill out and submit the Session Interest Form located at the bottom of the session page

• Be sure to select that you'd like travel assistance on the form

You'll receive a scheduling email from me shortly after submitting to confirm my availability on your selected session date or a list of alternative scheduling options and a link to schedule your session with me. In that email will also be a link to a Travel Interest form, which gets sent directly to my husband.

Travel Assistance without a Photo Session Commitment

If you'd like assistance with planning your vacation, regardless of your destination, without the commitment of a photo session that's perfectly fine too. No hard feelings! You can contact my husband directly for assistance. Just let him know that I sent you and he'd be happy to help.