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"Where will my session take place?"

SESSION LOCATION: for all sessions

Your session can take place in your hotel room, your home or a hotel room I provide for the session. The choice is entirely up to you.

Erotic sessions are most commonly scheduled to be captured in the client's space (hotel room) because it provides more comfort and privacy for the couple.


Boudoir sessions are scheduled for client hotel rooms half the time and in a hotel room I provide the other half. My clients tell me their choice is usually dependent on how much privacy they'll have and if they love their booked hotel.

I frequently travel to my clients for their sessions so if you're interested in a session with me but can't make it Vegas, that's ok!

I can come to you. Contact me for details.

"If you supply the session location, can you tell me where my session will be captured before I book."

SESSION LOCATION: for all sessions

The simple answer is no.

I work with a good variety of properties on and around the Las Vegas Strip. Although I can and have created beautiful galleries for clients in any and all spaces I've shot in, the properties and rooms I secure are favorites of mine that meet my space/decor/lighting needs. I reach out to properties for availability only when a session is actually booked. Whoever gets back to me first is usually who I go with so I can finalize the session in my system.


The only exception to this is if I've already secured a location for another session on that same day, then your session will be added to that location.

If you choose to have me supply your session's location, you'll receive an email from me with the location information usually within a week of booking your session.

"If you supply the session location, is there an additional fee?"

SESSION LOCATION: for all sessions


My session fees are not affected by the location you choose so whether I come to your hotel room or you come to a location that I provide for your session, it's all the same. The only thing that changes with your session location choice is the final payment date for your session package. If I come to your location, your final payment date will be 48 hours before your session. If I provide the location, your final payment date is one week before your session. This is so I have the appropriate amount of time to confirm with the venue and finalize the session permits.

"I haven't booked my hotel yet but I'd like to have my session in my hotel room. Can I still schedule my session with you?"

SESSION LOCATION: for all sessions


As long as you already know the dates you'll be in Las Vegas and available for your session, you can schedule your session with me and update me with the name of your hotel once it has been booked.

"What is the difference between a boudoir and erotic session?"


This is probably the number one question I receive and it's an important one because these genre descriptions vary from one photographer to the next and it's important to know YOUR photographer's description of the style of session you are wanting.


Please visit my Session Options Page for a detailed explanation of the distinct differences between the two styles of sessions that I offer to determine which style is the best for you.

"Do you offer sessions for men?"


I do not.

All of my sessions are designed for women and couples because that's where my education, experience and specialty is.


I appreciate your interest but capturing erotic sessions for men is not a service that I offer. However, if you'd be interested in including your significant other in your session experience and booking a couple's photography session, feel free to reach out to me for scheduling.

"Do you offer themed sessions?"


If you are looking to have images captured similar to something you've seen in my portfolio or on my social media profiles, such as a bath bomb boudoir sessions, there's a box in the scheduling form where you can include that information so that I'm properly prepared and I'll contact you via email for more information if need be.

If you have specific things you'd to incorporate into your session, that's not a problem at all. Just make sure whatever you'd like to use in your session is available at session time. I am entirely mobile so while I have a few things I can bring, I do not supply themed props for my sessions.

Fetish/BDSM are themes I commonly shoot for couples during their erotic sessions. I am willing to capture whatever your imagination can dream up but I do not supply any of the props you'll either have to already have them or do a little shopping to prepare for your session.

Pin-Up is a genre of photography all its own and is not a style I offer.

"Are there any restrictions on what we can do during our erotic session?"


Your session time is yours to do as you please and the only restrictions for your session are of a legal nature.


- all subjects being photographed must be 18 years of age or older

- no weapons or drug use during your session time

- all parties must consent to be photographed


With that being said, your only restriction is your comfort level and these sessions generally produce sexually explicit imagery.

"Do you offer sessions for same sex couples?"


Love is love and yes I do!

When it comes to couples sessions, gender does not matter to me.

"Can we add a third (or fourth) person to our erotic session?"


Absolutely! This is something I capture often (I'm based in Vegas after all).


If you have a third person you're wanting to bring into your erotic session, as long as they are 18 years of age or older and consent to be photographed, you are more than welcome to invite them along. You'll just need to let me know so that i'm properly prepared and provide me with their name(s), since it's required by law in order for them to be photographed.


However, as my client, you should know that my photography services agreement is with you and your session images will be provided to you and you alone. It will be up to you to provide the images to your third party should you choose to and I'd advise you to make your own agreement with your third party to avoid any issues regarding the use of your images.

"Can you supply a person or model to take part in a session with us or my girlfriend/wife?"



I get this question often (multiple times a week) and the answer will always be no.


Do I have an issue photographing your girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend with someone other than you? 

That answer is also, No.


I'm an open-minded woman who shoots naked/half-naked people in Las Vegas and I've been doing this a very long time. Everyone has their "thing" and I have no problem photographing whatever your "thing" may be. However, it's entirely up to you to figure your situation out.


I'm not a matchmaker.

This needs no further explanation.

"Do you have a separate erotic gallery somewhere that isn't part of your portfolio that I can view?"


No. As I state on my portfolio page...

"My erotic sessions generally produce sexually explicit images and for this reason, the majority of erotic session images will never be shared. I only allow web appropriate images captured at the start of some of my erotic sessions to be added to my portfolio. Please do not contact me asking for an erotic gallery. There isn't one. There are more than enough images in my portfolio here and on my social media profiles to decide if you like my style of artistry and the quality of my work. It is because of this strict personal policy, you can feel confident knowing your most intimate session images will only be seen by you and me."

"How do I schedule a session?"


All of my scheduling is done entirely online for privacy and convenience. First, you'll want to read through the descriptions of my session styles on the Session Options page of my website

to decide which style is the best for you. Click through your chosen style to check out the session package options for that session style and submit an online Session Interest Form through the link at the bottom of the session page.


After receiving your session interest form, I'll check my calendar for availability and will send you either the link to choose your session package and add your session to my calendar or alternative scheduling options.

"How far in advance should I schedule my session?"


The easy answer is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


My Las Vegas session calendar fills up quickly and I travel year round to clients for their sessions as well. If you have date and time restrictions for your session, such as you'll only be in Vegas for three days or you need your pictures back in time to gift for your anniversary, I suggest contacting me as soon as possible to get your session scheduled. While last-minute sessions are sometimes available, I do tend to book in advance and do not want you to miss out on such an exciting and rewarding experience.


Last-minute sessions are considered to be a session that is being scheduled with less than 7 days until the session date and will require payment in full to schedule. Same day and next day session requests cannot be accommodated.


I always advise clients who need their pictures back by a certain date to schedule their session a minimum of 8 weeks before the day they hope to have their pictures in hand. Rush processing of galleries may be available for an additional fee and can be requested when finalizing your session scheduling with me.


If you have special scheduling needs or time restrictions, contact me for more information.

"Do you offer phone or in-person consultations."


I like to keep a written record of my client's session needs because I am crazy busy and want to ensure I don't miss or forget anything important in regards to your session so I don't personally offer in-person or phone consultations. You're welcome to shoot me a text or email prior to scheduling if you have any questions for me. I usually respond the same day, unless I'm traveling or it's a holiday.

Phone consultations can be arranged if necessary and are handled by my assistant so if you absolutely need to speak to someone by phone, I can schedule you a time to speak with him. However, you'll get your answer more quickly and with more detail by sending me a text or email.

If you're hoping to get advice on how to prepare for your session day, I've got you! Once you've scheduled your session, you'll receive a welcome email from me where I'll share the link to my online session prep guide. My guide has some helpful hints and tricks to get you prepared for your session day, including suggestions on wardrobe and lingerie.

"Can I purchase a boudoir session for my wife/girlfriend?"


Yes you can!

If you already have a trip to las Vegas planned and you're wanting to surprise her with her very own boudoir session (meaning you're not going to be photographed with her), you can schedule the session using her name and information but with your email address and phone number so that you're the one receiving the communication from me.


Just keep in mind that boudoir sessions take some preparation for the woman being photographed and she'll need to sign a consent to be photographed and so she'll need to be informed of her session at some point before her session day. I will not be able to photograph her without her signed consent, which needs to be recorded prior to session day. You can let me know once she's been told about her surprise and then update me with her email address so I can send over the Photography Services Agreement and Session Prep Guide.

Alternatively, you can purchase a gift certificate for a boudoir session and she can schedule the session herself when she's ready. Please contact me for more information on that.

"What should I wear and/or bring for my session?"


Once you've scheduled your session, you'll receive a welcome email from me where I'll share the link to my online session prep guide. My guide has some helpful hints and tricks to get you prepared for your session day, including suggestions on wardrobe and lingerie.


Ultimately, wearing whatever makes you feel sexy is the best option but I've shot entire sessions with just a bed sheet so wardrobe is not something I like my clients stressing over.


If after you receive my guide you have some questions, just reply to my email and I'd be happy to help.

"Is professional hair and makeup required?"


I pride myself in highlighting natural beauty so I do not require any of my clients to have professional hair and makeup prior to the start of their session, nor do I include it in any of my session packages.

All I request is that my clients do what they need to feel their best during their session, regardless of session style. If that means having your hair and makeup done professionally, then I'd be happy to refer you to a service I trust that will come to your hotel room. You'll want to book your time with them approximately 2 hours before your scheduled session time with me. Just shoot me a text or an email after you've booked your session and I will send you their information.

"Can I bring a friend to my session?"


The way you feel during your session greatly affects the overall look and feel of your final images. My job is to ease your nerves and help you feel as comfortable as possible so that you have an enjoyable session experience and a beautiful photo gallery. One of the most important things that I have learned over the last decade or so is that less is more and while most people think that having a familiar face in the room during a session they are nervous about would be helpful, this actually isn't so.


Outside influences can change the feel of the session, interrupt the flow of the shoot and break my concentration. Working one on one with a client or couple allows me to concentrate on you and be more productive. Because of this, I have a closed session policy. This means that I work one-on-one with my clients to ensure a private experience and only the person(s) being photographed are able to be present during the session. I encourage you to have a friend or loved one stay with you until I arrive at your location or have them accompany you to my location if that makes you more comfortable, but it will just be you and me when it's time for your session to begin.

"I can't make it to Las Vegas. Can you come to my city?"


I travel year-round to my clients for their sessions and I'd love to come to your city. When traveling, I provide my clients with a session experience either in a hotel local to the area or in the comfort of their own home. I do not provide professional hair and makeup for travel sessions in an effort to keep costs down for my clients.

Sessions are available worldwide. Travel fees do apply. Contact me for details.

"How can I get a quote for you to come to my city?"


If you're unable to make it to Las Vegas for your session I'd be happy to send you a quote to have me come to your area. My travel session quotes are all-inclusive (your session package, my travel fees, permits, etc.) so there are no hidden or unexpected costs. Because the cost of travel can change daily and is entirely dependent on the dates required to travel, I would need the city/location you'd like to have your session captured in and the date you'd like to have your session captured on to provide you with a quote.

Contact me with the city and requested session date to receive your quote.

"Can I make payments on my travel session? What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule?"


Travel session quotes are good for 24 hours (after that, the cost of travel may change) and fees are due in full at time of booking so I can secure travel/permits/etc.  On a rare occasion, I'm able to split the vendor fees and can offer a 50% down, remaining balance due 2 weeks before session day pay plan. 


Travel session fees are nonrefundable because the travel rates I secure are nonrefundable as well. However, should you find the need to cancel/reschedule your session I would credit your account in my system for a Las Vegas based session.

Contact me with the city and requested session date to receive your quote, ask about the 50% down pay plan and get more information.

"We'd like to have an erotic session during our vacation. Is that possible?"


Absolutely! My sessions are available worldwide.

To make it even easier, my husband is a travel agent that offers complementary services to all of my clients. We can put together a vacation package (cruise or land based) that includes an erotic session. All of my vacation packages also include standard travel photography so that your have some images to share with friends and family.

Contact me with your vacation plans/ideas to get more information.

"How and when will I get my photos?"


It all depends on the session you schedule so here's the breakdown...

  • If you book an Erotic Photography Session and choose Session Package One, you'll receive the memory card out of the camera at the close of your session.

  • If you book Session Package Option Two, regardless of the session style, it'll take about 2 weeks from your session date for me to retouch your session images and prepare your viewing gallery for you.

  • If you book Session Package Option Three, regardless of the session style, it'll take about 2 weeks from your session date for me to retouch your session images and an additional 3-5 business days for your Transfer of Copyright to be processed.

  • 72-hour rush processing is available for an additional fee but must be added on at time of booking so that your session's editing time can be appropriately scheduled.

  • You'll receive an email with the link and password for your online gallery as soon as it's ready for you. It will stay active for two weeks to allow you the time to download your images and make any photo gift purchases you'd like to. You'll have access to download any images that are included in your session package right away. 

"Do you offer video?"


Video is only offered for my Erotic Session Package Option Three. If video is what you're looking for, that's the session you want to schedule.

I'm not a videographer by any means but I have an excellent camera and an excellent eye. You can have your entire session in video or a combination of still photographs and video. Your video clips can be edited together with transitions and music or delivered as captured.


It's up to you!

"Do you offer photo gifts or prints?"


I offer a variety of photo gifts designed with your favorite session images and prints that can be purchased directly through your viewing gallery. Some of the photo gifts available to order are


  • Fine Art Albums

  • Wall art

  • Calendars

  • Print Boxes

  • Proof Books

  • Decks of Card

  • Custom USB Drives

  • and more!

My erotic sessions are limited to albums, USB drives and print boxes due to the nature of the imagery produced.

All of my clients receive an email shortly after their session with a link to view the products that will be available in their gallery once they receive it.

"If I order an album or other photo gift, how will I receive it?"


All of my client's photo orders are shipped in a plain brown box from my name, not my company, to protect your privacy. An email will be sent out once your order has shipped with a tracking number so you know when to expect it.

Shipping is included for all orders in the continental United States.

Additional shipping charges may apply for international orders.

"I know that the session itself is just you and me but who all will actually see my session images?"


Unlike other professionals in my field and specialty, I work out of a locked home office and handle all of my session images from start to finish. I capture, cull and professionally retouch all of my client session images. I'm also the one who creates all of my client galleries, which are password protected and pinned for privacy. Only you and I have access. I never send out clients images to be retouched by other professionals or a retouching company. It's all done by me in-house.


If the session option you books allows for me to share social media friendly images in my portfolio and on my social media profiles, I may opt to share a couple there. If you do not want any images shared in that way, Session Package Option Three was designed for complete privacy.


Albums for my erotic clients are designed and produced by me for complete privacy. Boudoir session related photo gifts are designed by me and produced by a female lab technician that I've been working with for all of my client orders for the last 8 years. 

I ship all client orders in a plain brown box with tracking from me, rather than my company name, for an additional level of privacy.

"You say you only share social media friendly session images. What does that mean?"


As I'm sure you can understand, potential clients need to see a portfolio of work before deciding a photographer is right for them. Every image shared on my website and social media sites are images that were captured and retouched for a client. I am proud to give my potential clients a good representation of what they can expect from a session with me, which is why I have always opted to share client images rather than hire professional models.

I will never publish or share an image on my website or social media sites that show a full female nipple, a vagina, or penis. However... bare bottoms, cleavage, side-boob, backs, stomachs, and sexually suggestive images are frequently shared and are not something that I consider to be offensive.

If you are planning to schedule a Boudoir or Erotic session with me and would prefer that I do not release web appropriate images from your session to be shared with potential clients, my Session Package Option Three was designed for complete privacy and should be what you schedule.

"I really want a session but I'm worried that if someone finds out it could jeopardize my job. What can I do to ensure privacy?"


I have been offering these services for over a decade in Las Vegas and have a long list of high-profile clientele (government officials, celebrities, professional athletes, etc.) that need complete anonymity. That is why I created Session Package Option Three, which ensures complete privacy.


In addition, I feel that an intimate session is an experience that everyone should have (at least once) and the thing holding most people back is privacy concerns. I designed a way to eliminate that problem!

I will NEVER share client names or information, regardless of which session package booked. 


With Session Package Option Three (in either style), I legally transfer the copyright of your session images over to you so I no longer own the rights to them. They will never be used or shared in any way and upon confirmation you've received them, they are completely wiped from my system.

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