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All of the images below were captured during sessions that allow for my sharing of the session images. I do not work with or use professional models to build my portfolio.


My online portfolio is just a small sampling of what I capture during sessions to give potential clients an idea of what to expect from their sessions with me. All of my clients are unique, as are their sessions. What will be captured during your session will be unique to you.


We all have differing opinions on what we classify as "nudity" and what we find to be "web appropriate".




However, I'm sure you can understand that seeing a photographer's work and style of photography is what helps potential clients determine if a photographer is the right one to capture their session. With this in mind, MY policy is to keep images that contain full nipples, vagina, and penis off of my website. All other images are ones I consider to be suitable for my website, as I am a photographer who specializes in intimate photography.


My erotic sessions generally produce sexually explicit images and for this reason, the majority of erotic session images will never be published here. I only allow web-appropriate images captured during my erotic sessions to be added to my online portfolio. Please do not contact me asking for an erotic gallery. There isn't one. There are more than enough images in my portfolio here to decide if you like my style of artistry and the quality of my work. It is because of this strict personal policy, you can feel confident knowing your most intimate session images will only be seen by you and me if you choose a session package that includes full privacy.


If you do not wish to have website-appropriate images, like the ones found in my portfolio below, from your session shared on my website there is a session package available for each style of photography that I capture which allows for complete privacy. Please see the session package details for more information.


Contact me for scheduling.



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