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Scheduling Terms and Conditions

Complimentary Services

If you are scheduling a boudoir session and request professional hair/makeup services or transportation as part of your session experience, you must provide the name of your hotel when submitting your session interest form. The name of your hotel is a requirement for me to secure the vendors for these services on your behalf. I cannot guarantee additional vendor services if the name of your hotel is missing and/or provided at a later time.

Room Numbers

If you are scheduling a session to be captured in your hotel room, I must be provided your room number, along with additional room location information should it apply (such as Tower name) no later than 9:00 pm the calendar day before your scheduled session.


Due to the adult nature of the photography services I provide, I am legally required to electronically file for each session that I intend to capture no later than the day prior. For my safety, the exact location of each session is recorded in my system. Providing your room number is a listed requirement on both my Erotic Photography and Intimate Media session interest forms. It is also listed on the Frequently Asked Questions page of my website.


A reminder of this requirement is included in all welcome emails for sessions that it applies to and my cell phone number is included in the email. My cell phone number is also listed on the Contact page of my website. Failure to provide the required information in the time stated will result in a breach of contract and the inability for me to legally capture your session on the date it was scheduled. Your session will be canceled and your session fees liquidated for damages including but not limited to permit fees and time lost. 


You will receive an email reminder at 8:00 pm the evening before your session if you have not provided me with the information required.


Client Communication

The CLIENT is considered to be the person whose information (name, email, phone number) was submitted on the session interest form. An account is created for the session using the submitted information for that person. All client communication is done in writing and session-related information, such as scheduling and reminders, is done exclusively through the email address used to create the session's account. 

For couples' sessions, a session partner must be listed on the session interest form in order for them to take part in the session experience. Either the CLIENT or the session partner can sign the Photography Services Agreement for the requested session. Payment can be made by either the CLIENT or the listed session partner in the session's account.

For the privacy and safety of my clients, I will not provide any session information to an email address or phone number that was not listed as belonging to the CLIENT on the Session Interest Form. Communication must be done through the email address and phone number provided by the CLIENT. It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to relay session-related information to their session partner. 

Session Day No-Show or Late Arrivals

If your session is scheduled to be captured in your hotel room and I arrive on property but am unable to connect with you by text or email, I have a 30-minute grace period which I am able to wait to hear from you but have to consider you in breach of contract at the 30-minute mark if we are not able to begin your session within that time frame and will need to begin preparation for the next session in my schedule.

If I'm supplying the location for your session and you do not arrive at the scheduled time, I will attempt to reach you by both email and text at 15 minutes past your scheduled time. If you arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled time, I can proceed with your scheduled session with a reduced session time. If you do not respond and/or do not show up within 30 minutes of your scheduled session time, you will be considered in breach of contract and your session will be canceled.


If you have scheduled a couples photography session and your session partner is not available at your scheduled session time, how we proceed depends on who is available. Sessions provided by The 7oh2 are for women and couples.


If the male part of a couples session is the only one available for the session, you will be considered in breach of contract and the session will be canceled. The 7oh2 does not offer single-subject sessions for men. This is clearly stated on the Frequently Asked Questions page and is not a scheduling option for any of the offered session packages. Session fees are nonrefundable.


If the female part of the couples session is the only one available for the session and is listed as the CLIENT of The 7oh2 (the person who is listed on the session's account), the client has the option of proceeding with a single-subject session in the style of what was booked or canceling the session. Session fees are nonrefundable.


 If the female part of the couples session is the only one available for the session and is listed as the session partner, we will not be able to proceed with the session. The CLIENT will be considered a no-show and in breach of contract. Session fees are nonrefundable.

Rescheduling your Las Vegas Session

I'd be happy to reschedule your Las Vegas Session with a minimum of one week's notice. 

If your session is scheduled to be captured in your hotel room or home and you find that you need to reschedule for another day or time, I will do what I can to accommodate that request, if my schedule has availability for the new date/time. A new deposit may be required, depending on the circumstance, to reschedule.


If I'm supplying the location for your session a new deposit will be required so that I can secure a new date, time and location for your session.

Canceling your Las Vegas Session

If you've scheduled a Las Vegas session and need to cancel your session altogether, your nonrefundable retainer for services will be liquidated for damages, and any additional fees paid towards your remaining balance will be converted to a credit which can be used towards a future Las Vegas Session. A new session interest form and retainer for services will be required to rebook your session.

If an offer to reschedule for your next trip to Las Vegas is declined, any payments made to The 7oh2 for scheduled services will be liquidated for damages to cover session/permit fees and lost time.

Due to the custom nature of photography and the session fees incurred at the time of scheduling by The 7oh2, refunds are not available under any circumstance

For Sessions outside of Las Vegas

The moment that your scheduling is finalized for your session, my travel arrangements have been finalized as well. The quotes that are given for sessions that require my travel are based on the cost of nonrefundable travel at the time of scheduling. Waiting, even a few days, to arrange my travel for your session could result in additional fees. Because of this reason, session package fees serve as a non-refundable retainer to secure your session date and time with travel in my calendar.


To reschedule a session that requires my travel outside of the Las Vegas area,  you'll be responsible for the fees associated with changing my travel plans.

In the event you need to cancel your session, you'll receive a credit for a Las Vegas Session, less the required deposit for whatever session package you decide to book which will be required at the time of scheduling.

Providing False Information

Due to the adult nature of the photography services I provide, I am legally required to obtain and record information from every CLIENT that schedules a session. This information includes, but is not limited to, legal first/last name and date of birth. This information is stored in my system for legal purposes and is not shared or published.


If you are concerned with privacy, make sure to schedule one of the session packages that offer complete privacy. These packages were designed for women and couples in need of discretion. Providing your photographer with your legal name and date of birth for a session that requires it should never be a concern if you're hiring a licensed professional.


If it is determined that a CLIENT has provided false information in regards to their name, their date of birth or other requested information in order to schedule a session with The 7oh2, the CLIENT will be considered in breach of contract and the session will be immediately canceled. Retainer for services and session fees are not refundable. In addition, putting The 7oh2 at unnecessary legal risk will result in being banned from future session scheduling.

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